Cathy Koch

Welcome to Upper Elementary Fifth Grade! It has been my privilege to serve as principal here at UE5G since 2006.


We are the first school in Russellville where all the elementary students in our city come together as a future graduating class. Our student population is usually 375-425 students who are all in the fifth grade.  Fifth grade is a transition year for students in between elementary school and middle school.  Students change classes one time during their day. In addition to core subjects, students also attend specialty classes, including Input Technology, Library, P.E., Music and Art.  We take pride in making fifth grade a special year for students.

Learning occurs in the classroom with wonderful technology. All of our classrooms have interactive white boards and computers dedicated for student use. We also have a computer lab and wireless internet access throughout our school.  Each classroom is equipped with an amplification system so that those speaking can be easily understood.  We look forward to adding even more technology in the future.

At UE5G, we believe that reading is key to learning. Each classroom has wonderful libraries of books to support literacy. In addition, we have a large media center that is centrally located for easy access to our students, and a resource library for our teachers. Books are provided to support different types of reading, including Social Studies and Science. 

We also love to learn in nontraditional ways. Through field trips, outdoor experiences, games, contests, service projects and leadership opportunities, we offer activities to make learning relevant and fun. We want fifth grade to be the best year ever for our students.

We welcome family and community members to be an active part of our school community. We believe that we should all be learning together. We invite you to be a part of our school as we travel together on the road to success!