Dwight Elementary and Russellville Middle School Selected for the Highly Effective School Accreditation Cohort

David Farr, Principal of Dwight Elementary, and Sarah Monfee, Russellville Middle School Principal, were accepted into the Highly Effective Schools Accreditation. The HES Accreditation is sponsored by the Office of Education Renewal Zone. With the HES Accreditation, Dwight Elementary and RMS will be able to substantiate high-quality work, coordinate improvement plans with professional learning community experts, and learn how to identify growth opportunities. The progress of these schools will be evaluated by Professional Learning Communities and High-Reliability School experts. 

Mr. Farr says, “I am so proud to be accepted into the Highly Effective Schools accreditation cohort. This process aligns with our building's work in developing a professional learning community. This process will ensure our school goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.  We are extremely excited to begin this journey!

Ms. Monfee commented "Becoming part of this cohort is an amazing opportunity for our school and students. By participating, RMS will be able to validate the high-level work being done across our school community, as well as demonstrate our commitment to providing quality education to our students."

Congratulations to Dwight Elementary and Russellville Middle School. 

Thank you for your commitment to achieving excellence together.